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Pittsburgh Training Club
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Enjoy all the benefits of boxing training without the intimidating boxing gym atmosphere. No sweaty boxing gym smell either. Get one-on-one attention with private training or train with up to two friends of your choice.

Program Benefits:
-Bodyfat and bodyweight Tracking
-High intensity Circuit Training
-Learn how train like a boxer and use boxing to get in shape, lose weight, or get a better physique.
-Learn a valuable skill while you get fit and build a strong body with a strong core.

Pittsburgh Training Club uses the BoxerBody Training camp® program which is training program for up to 2 trainees at a time, designed to be more fun, more interactive, and more effective than a traditional personal training service.


If you are looking for a Personal trainer to hand you some dumbbells and stand next to you and count reps for you, then this isn’t the program for you.If you are looking to get fit as fast as possible, have a little fun while doing it, and learn a new skill, then this is for you.
In a typical 30 minute training session you can expect to burn up to 500 calories, depending on how hard you work. As with most things, the more effort you put into it, the more you will get out of it.


I only include exercises that burn the most calories and get you lean. I don’t waste time with the ones that don’t.
One of the training methods I use is focus mitt training. (This is the interactive and fun part). The reason this style of training is so effective as a fat-loss tool is that it forces you to use all of the muscles in your body simultaneously, including your legs, core, shoulders, back, and arms etc.

To make sure that you are getting results, I set specific goals with deadlines for you to meet and closely track your progress.
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Your Trainer:


Ty Thomas: American Council on Exercise CertifiedPersonal Trainer (2009)


Certified USA Boxing Coach
Bachelor’s Degree University of Pittsburgh ’06 (19 credits in Fitness and Athletic Training)


“My goal is to make boxing and boxing-style workouts accessible to clients of all abilities and fitness levels. I show individuals how they can reap the cardiovascular and fat-loss benefits from this style of training. It is a fun and unique approach to maintaining a healthy and great looking physique. ”



Private 1-on-1 Training

Per Session:

30 minute session: $27

60 minute session: $48


Monthly Plans:

(Month to Month Auto Debit)

4 (30 minute) private sessions per month: $97

8 (30 minute) private sessions per month: $187

10 (30 minute)private sessions per month $229


(Month to Month Auto Debit)

4 (60 minute) sessions: $177

8 (60 minute) sessions: $353

10 (60 minute) sessions:$ 442


Train with a friend/partner for a reduced rate.


Train with a partner

Per Session:

30  minute session: $38 ($19 per person)

60 minute session: $58 ($29 per person)


Pittsburgh Gyms


Looking for a Pittsburgh Gym right in the heart of shadyside and the East End? At Fitness Factory you get to be part of great neighborhood gym where you are not just a number. The owners are very friendly and willing to address any concerns you have.





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  1. Tom Johnson says:

    I might be interested in your personal training offer. What times are you available during the week? how many people are in the gym at one time usually?
    My goals are weight loss and getting back in shape
    Tom Johnson

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