Boxing Class Pittsburgh: The most common mistakes people make and how to get started



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1. Don’t ever buy boxing gloves from a sporting good store. They are all junk. They are cheaply made, poorly designed, and mass produced. They do not provide enough wrist support and padding for your knuckles. If you want to do it the right way, you’ll need gloves that are suitable for boxing training. You must order online or through a boxing gym.  Amazon is a good source or you can buy directly from the manufacturer’s website.
The ideal gloves for BoxerBody Training Camp are heavy bag gloves because they have extra padded knuckles and strong wrist supports. They are also heavier so you get a better workout from the added weight. Title Gel Hook and Loop World Heavy Bag training gloves are the best in terms of price and quality, since most people are not going to want to invest $300 in a pair of gloves right away. I’ve tried many different gloves and these work the best for the style of training we do at Boxer Body Training Camp. I do not  get any sort of commission from Title Boxing, they just really are your best option. The most expensive and premium gloves are: grant, winning (hard to get), and cleto reyes. If you have the money to spend and plan to stick with boxing training, these are your best bet. Ringside, rival, fighting, and title all make high quality gloves as well and are trusted brands in boxing.
2. Wrap your hands with long wraps (180 length). Do not use the short wraps (100 length). They do not give you enough protection. You can learn how to wrap your hands on youtube or I can teach you. This is critical to prevent a wrist injury and prevent your skin from rubbing against the inside of the glove. It also keeps your hand’s bones and fingers in place. If you are a really heavy puncher you still may require additional padding in the knuckles. There are several options to address this. I personally use a folded up paper towel on the knuckles, I can also give you other forms of padding underneath your wraps in the knuckle area.


3. Relax your hands. If you make a tight fist your hand muscles will get extremely sore and tight after your workout. You can make a fist when you are throwing a punch however.

4. Don’t Hold your breath.  Breathe out when you throw a punch. You have to keep breathing or you won’t last long.

5. Don’t fully extend your punches when training, leave a little bit of bend in your elbow to avoid hyper-extension at the elbow. For fitness and training purposes, you will not need to fully extend your punches. If you were training to be a pro fighter, then yes you should extend your punches for maximum reach.
6. Twist your right fist counter clock wise and your left fist clockwise when throwing straight punches (turning your punches over its called).


7. Don’t eat for at least 90 minutes prior your workout.  This should be common sense.


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