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Hey guys, this is Ty Thomas, aka boxing guy Ty on social media and I want to do a super fast talk or lecture about how to find the right glove and how to get the right fit. Buying boxing gloves can be very complicated and confusing. Some manufacturers they size their gloves by ounces and some go by sizes. Some manufacturers offer 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22-ounce gloves, while some manufacturers offer small, medium, large, extra large size.

It can be very confusing to get the right size and there is really no standard in the boxing industry, so just keep in mind that you going to have to send stuff back sometimes and that is just part of the process. I know it’s annoying but there is really no perfect formula to pick the right size for you. It’s kind of hit or miss. You are going to have to return stuff and reorder stuff, it’s just something that you have to accept because there really aren’t any boxing glove stores in most cities.

Unless you live in Las Vegas, they actually have retail boxing glove stores in Las Vegas. My guy, Russ Anber, has a retail boxing store in Las Vegas. He is the CEO of Rival Boxing, which is probably the most innovative and responsive boxing club, boxing brand in terms of responding to client needs and customer needs and just listening to their customers and creating right high quality products. Anyways I would probably recommend going through Amazon to buy your gloves.

Now you can go on Amazon and type in the glove that you want and you can cross check the price with the website of the manufacturer. If you see something on Amazon, let’s say for example that it’s a title brand boxing glove, I would go onto the Title Boxing website and see if they have any promotions or discounts going on for the glove that you want and it might end up being cheaper on the manufacturer’s website or it might be cheaper on the Amazon website.

Also if you have Amazon prime, where you have free two day shipping, you may also want to order it on Amazon. That is also something to consider because a lot of these boxing glove website, they charge high fees for shipping, especially title.  You may spend $10 on shipping but anyways in terms of choosing the right size of glove, I think most people would fall into two categories, either you have small hands, really excessively small hands, and if that applies to you, if that is the category you fall into I would be looking at 12 ounces or 14 ounces, this will translate into small or medium on the size scale.

If you don’t have small hands, you probably fall into the average hands size category or large hand category and if that’s the case, you should order 14 or 16 ounce gloves or you should order large or extra large gloves if the manufacturer goes by sizes. Again, just keep in mind that you are probably going to have to try stuff on and send it back and reorder it to get the right size, it’s just part of the process, you have to be patient. Now, if you want to, I do offer the option of setting up a glove fitting with me in person and you could try out all of the boxing gloves that I have.

I probably have about 15 different brands and styles and sizes of gloves at a minimum and you could try them all on and see what you like best, what feels the best. Now, when you try on a glove, it should just feel very comfortable. It should just feel right, there should no pressure points where anything feels uncomfortable or there is a lot of tension on a certain area. It should just feel comfortable and really just it should fit like a glove, and I know it’s cliché.

Just to give you an example that fits perfectly, the Title Gel Heavy Bag glove, this gloves just fit so comfortably and so perfectly and I have had such a good feedback and response from my customers and clients. I have never really had a negative feedback on these gloves. Everyone just says that they feel amazing and they feel so comfortable with so much padding. They have like a silky interior and just really have never had any negative feedback on the Title Gel Boxing gloves.

Now, they are expensive. You are going to pay at a minimum $75 and you could up to $150 but they going to last you five years minimum and they are basically going to make you invincible in terms of never getting injured, so much wrist support. The wrist support is crazy and there is so much padding in the knuckles. The main thing you want to look for is basically does it feel comfortable? Does it feel like there is no tension points? How does the thumb feel?

That is a big area of focus in terms of getting the right fit for the boxing glove, how does the thumb feel? Does it feel like it’s straining your thumb or does your thumb feel very comfortable? That is something you want to look for. How much wrist extension is allowed by this glove? The less the better. Your gloves should not allow you to extend your wrist, so that you palm is facing down toward the ground, you should not be able to lift your fist up too much or pull the top of your hand back toward you.

A good boxing glove should limit wrist extension. If you don’t know what wrist extension is, you can Google it but basically it’s just the top of your hand coming up towards you, okay, that should be limited. Also you want to look for how much padding there is in the knuckle area because you are going to be punching a heavy bag glove, sorry, you are going to be punching a heavy bag or even pressing mitts, both of which can be a fairly hard surface.

I think I have covered everything you basically just want to have, you basically want your glove to feel very comfortable. It should just feel right. It shouldn’t be too much room, okay, it shouldn’t be too wide. It shouldn’t be too much wider than your hand, okay, if you feel like there is a lot of room there and you hand is kind of moving around in the glove, then it’s probably not the right fit and you should go with something smaller. Some glove styles are just more narrow and offer you a more snug fit, that what I like.

Some gloves are just way too wide and there is too much room so your hands are going to slide around and shift around, and you don’t want that either. It’s really just a matter of trial and error until you find the right glove. Be patient, don’t give up. If it doesn’t feel right, then it’s probably not right and when you find the right glove it’s just going to feel right. it’s going to be no tension points and it’s literally going to feel like a glove. Okay guys, if you have any additional questions please feel free to email me That is or you can catch me on the social media, I’m on Twitter and You Tube, @boxingguyty.

I hope this was helpful to you and I hope you learned a lot from it. I’ll catch you on the next podcast. Take care guys, Ty Thomas, boxing and fitness coach Pittsburgh, take care.

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