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Here are the 6 main areas of boxing for fitness you need to focus on:

Here’s a great summary of boxing for fitness and finding a boxing trainer in pittsburgh.

-Ty Thomas Boxing and Fitness coach


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Hey guys, it’s Ty Thomas here. I just want to talk about the six main areas of boxing training or the six areas of focus whatever you wanna call it. it’s probably maybe more but these are the six main areas that you really want to focus on if you want to get into boxing for Fitness or just boxing in general.

Now the first area is conditioning. So, these are just basically I would break this down into two main areas. So, the first one is just bodyweight exercises that you can do with no equipment or no added weight and these are things like push-ups which is probably one of the best bodyweight exercises one of the best bodyweight conditioning exercises for boxing specifically because its building the muscle of your back and definitely your arms as well your deltoids and little bit of your chest but the main thing is the back that that’s really the biggest advantage of doing push-ups also. it’s going to develop your core strength in core because it’s going to prime position so you’re building up your core to strengthen your core. I would say this 30 sets of I’m sorry, I would say these three sets of twenty push-ups you know 3 times a week and I would do them on your knuckles kind of like you know as if you were punching the ground keep your waist straight and do it on your knuckles it’s going to be a little bit more it’s going to simulate you know the position you should be using your punch instead of doing it on your palms and hands like a conditional push-ups. the next body weight exercise I would recommend doing is the squat jumps.

So basically it’s a bodyweight squat or an air squat as they were called CrossFit you keep your feet flat on the ground stick your butt back sit back go down where your knees are 90 degrees or lower and then you explode up and jump off the ground you’re feeling to come off the ground and when you land you basically go back down into the deep squat position so just doing it a squat but you’re jumping up and making you know a little more difficult by jumping up and then going straight down into a squat so I would again 3 sets of 20 on these jump squats okay now another great exercise for your legs and for conditioning in general like I said the leg exercises are going to be the best in terms of conditioning because they’re the biggest muscle group and it’s going to how to get them most so that’s really going to improve your condition and so I do the long jumps of 3 sets of 10 to start off work up the three sets of fifteen and three sets of twenty and I recommend doing ribs instead of time because if you just do it 4 times and you just kind of slacking you’re not going to get as many reps as you just slack but basically keep them on the ones drums keep their front foot flat on the ground and then you just switching your stance so your left foot in the front that you’re right in the front and you left it in the front in the front and then the back is going to be on your toes trying to keep a slight forward lean with your upper body to lean slightly forward or stay upright and again 3 sets of 10 build up to three sets of 15 feet really good you can do 3 sets of 20 on the long jumps and another body weight conditioning exercises that you should do is obviously it’s the most obvious and basic one which is running so you can run either on the track or on the treadmill I personally prefer the treadmill because it’s a little bit more absorbent in a little bit absorb so it’s more the impact on your knees verses like a track or running on the street or just running the grass so I would say you know combined steady state cardio which is just jogging at a moderate pace for one to three miles depending on you know where you’re at so start at 1 mile and then go build up to 3 miles three times a week and then you can combine the steady state cardio with Sprint so maybe at the end of your steady state cardio workout so you run 2 or 3 miles at the end you can put the treadmill at an incline and do Sprints like that so what I’ll do is just keep the treadmill running the whole time I’ll send it to like 10 miles per hour put it to sleep the same time sprint for 10 seconds as hard as you can and then just step off to the side just for in rest for 10 seconds and then jump back on for 10 seconds more of sprinting as hard as you can and then jump off for 10 seconds so I’ll do that until you know I get to 10 Sprint or I just can’t run anymore so 10 seconds on 10 seconds off if that’s too hard for you do 10 seconds of sprinting and 20 seconds of rest

so you can really be flexible with this but I definitely say you know put the highest incline possible is cuz that’s going to be the most challenging and it’s going to be the least impact on your joints so running up hills, a great way to alleviate the stress of joints it’s like really low impact probably the best bang for your buck and has a fat loss and conditioning. Okay. and like I said if you prefer to run a track you can also do that like we see here Showtime Shawn Porter he likes to run 800 meters I have to work on is a 800 meter runs took a middle-distance is considered number to sprint but it’s not really distance to long-distance runner if Its middle distance so that’s a great conditioning exercises as well I do like three to five 800 meter runs and you know just as much as you need in between the runs to the point where you’re fully recovered okay moving on from conditioning the second area of focus or the second area of boxing training is going to be shadowboxing know this is kind of might seem a boring first specific if you are a beginner and you don’t know what to do. you definitely need coaching in the area you should train to tell you how to shadow box to teach you how to talk about you know how to get some guidance otherwise you’re not really going to know what you are doing and you’re doing it and you are not going to get a lot out of it. So, how much you practice if you don’t really know how the right way to practice you’re not going to get any better so I definitely recommend getting a trainer to tell you what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right in regards to Shadow boxing. Now shadow boxing is a great way to warm up because you know low intensity there’s no added weight, you are not adding anything. So, there’s no impact and you really want to focus on your footwork is so moving forward moving backwards moving to your right now with your left moving as you are punching so that’s a more advanced skill is to move and punch at the same time so if you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time you probably won’t be as good as you won’t be good at punching and moving at the same time but its something that you want to work on and something that you want to work towards so you can do 2 to 3 minutes of continuous shadowboxing and you can do one two three rounds of two to three minutes each to warm up or just to get better boxing you know and now this is something pros do because it’s really the better you are boxing, the more you get out of shadow boxing. So it’s kind of like beginners won’t get as much out of it as the Advanced Trainee but that’s okay.

The third area, the third area of boxing is network. So obviously you need a partner for this weither a boxing trainer or a friend of yours you need someone to hold pads for you and the purpose of Doing Network or powered is another several several purposes and several benefits that you would get out of it. first and foremost, it helps you work on your punching technique. so you can work on individual punches jab, cross, hook, uppercut left right up just keep your foot down getting your foot right your footwork right putting your foot on the on the cross is putting your front foot on the hook and then you can get into working on a combination. so this is a great way to practice your combinations. your one two one two three one two three, three two one two three four one two five two five four three two. all of your combinations network is great for that you know, probably even better than hitting heavy bag. So, this is the main benefit is practicing your combinations. you can also another benefit of network is let me consider already your footwork the thing about a heavy bag is it doesn’t move it’s stationary it’s a stationary tot where as you going to miss you’re moving around because the trainer or the potholder is moving around as well so you have to go to over tiers and you also have to react to his his punches so he might throw something back at you and that’s where you can work on your defense and your defensive skills so that’s another benefit of network is that you can work on defense because you can have the trainer to punches bag at you and gonna see how you react to it. Now that’s one ore advanced you might not want to get into that if you doing it for fitness. that’s okay. no worries if you just want to keep in contact you still going to get a lot out of it and yes mid work is great for working on your Technique combinations for work and kind of moving around and also your defense. Okay.

so the fourth area is the heavy bag now this is a great way to get fit if you really can’t afford to hire a personal trainer for one-on-one lessons are one-on-one sessions if you just have access to a heavy bag in your house or at an open gym that you belong to that’s a great way to not only get better at boxing but also just seen it burn fat and get stronger and get more powerful, get more athletic and you can work on their combinations work on your Technique. You can still working at forward because even though the back of stationary and you can still move around the bag hopefully depending on the setup the ideal setup is hanging from the ceiling and you can move around it 360 degrees and you might see it sometimes where there’s a bag stand and you can only punch it from one position and can’t move around to your right and to your left. You know that’s really nice I would look for something better than that but anyways what comes the heavy bag training. there’s two main styles of heavy bag and the ideal heavy bag is the water bag or the aqua bag it’s kind of a newer thing in the last 2 years basically looks like a raindrop and full of water you can and the benefit of it is it’s very easy on your wrist so there’s very low impact very low chance of injury your wrist to your elbow or shoulder because the water can absorb the impact. First is a conventionally heavy bag which is really stuck its pretty hard stuff and you know some heavy bags are really just like if I am punching concrete. another one’s a little lighter, lower density, you know and a little more absorption but if you were going to go if you just go out and buy a heavy bag nowadays I was just I wouldn’t bother with the convention to have you back especially if you are a fitness in a boxer definitely go with the aqua bag and/or any sort of water bag that has the Raindrop shape because that allows you to hit uppercuts so a conventional heavy bag you can’t really hit to upper cuts and your upper cuts is going to be kind of forward instead of upward motion. So that’s the great thing about the new aqua bags that you can hit a true uppercut and it’s very realistic and releasing lights hitting I have got in a fight. So definitely check out the aqua bag the biggest advance manner in a big as innovation in boxing since the focus message but I don’t know when it came out maybe 40 30 years ago maybe not even that long but definitely check out if you can afford it it’s like a hundred fifty bucks get the aqua bag brand punching bag. Okay.

so moving on to the next area boxing training which is the double-end bag now the double-end bag isn’t really designed for you to work on power but it’s more about Precision accuracy and timing okay so really can’t hit it that hard you have it work if you focus on accuracy because the bag is constantly moving around towards you or away from you to your left your right so it’s really about accuracy and timing when hit the bag on is coming towards you versus when it’s going away from you so this is a little more advanced if you’re a beginner and you might not want to even bother with the double-end bag I might be be too frustrating for you. It really is and I suppose you just starting out you might want to avoid it. But definitely be an essential area of boxing training and that once you get the hang of it it’s really enjoyable and you’re really start to understand you know how beneficial it is to you and how much you’re getting out of it it’s really enjoyable once you get the hang of it so I show you Chris Cyborg getting a double end bag she is very good at it if you notice she is multi-forces punches so crakes and crosses but however she is mixing his upper cuts his fault but you may want to focus on your job and your cross one one two one two 1,one two, one two. OK and moving around circling around the bag to the right or to the left now master showing Manny Pacquiao who does a great job of demonstrating you know straight punches he’s mostly doing just wanted to that’s like that’s pretty much what he does is throw ones and twos one to one but if you notice he does a great job of circling around to the right so many pack yell is a softball also. so naturally he wants to move to his right he does that and it’s fine so just every knows he’s going to do it but they still beat most guys so as he throws his job.

He is moving to his right if you are an orthodox fighter when he thought you were gonna without you left. This is more natural. okay so as you see here is circling mostly to the right as it’s done its job but you know and I’m going to pick you up the greatest boxers of all time doing a great job here on the double-end bag. so I just want to show you guys to different boxers and the different approaches they take so moving on to the final area boxing training witches Sparr. now sparring really isn’t for most people probably are most Fitness Boxing trainees most because of the risk for injury. so it’s not something you do if you’re just looking to work out and you give a great workout just on the heavy bag and on the mats and the double-end bag Shadow Boxing and the conditioning aspect of boxing training don’t need to do this won. Its not the sparring you actually want to learn how to you know if you are looking to pursue a amateur boxing career or mature boxing career for UFC because not the only way to learn how to fight, to really fight is the spark and you know if you don’t want to learn basketball this gonna help the boxing which means between the spark. So how do six months you know my work and everybody work and Shadow Boxing and all that stuff before you start to spot and we need to spark make sure that you have a trainer that actually knows what he’s doing and if he cares about you and your safety and he’s going to put you in there with someone that’s going to hurt you. so don’t want to hurt you don’t to be in the ring with somebody sparring who is way above your level and then just gonna kill you and you know you risk getting injured so the most common injuries in sparring are elbow injuries that’s very high risk shoulder injuries you can get a broken nose if you don’t have the right head gear you can get a concussion from sparring you know people think the headgear prevent concussions getting cut or bruise and you can also get a fractured rib or broken rib or bruised rib from the impact so you also might want to look into wearing a torso protector when sparring so anyways sparring more advance I would say you know 35% of people that you know want to jump boxing you really shouldn’t even get into sparring they’re just doing it for the fitness but if you do something you actually have to get in the ring and Spar some people so and if you do just make sure that your fighting people at the same level or slightly above you or they’re going to someone’s going to go easy on you and just understand that you’re trying to learn and they’re not going to hurt you so enclosing guys the six main areas the first one is conditioning and these are body weight exercises and also you can add weights so like body building stuff like that weight training.

second it would be shadowboxing which is a great way to warm up for your boxing workout warm up the shoulders all that stuff warm up your core free way to work on your foot work,punching technique and coordinating your feet with your hands. so the lower and upper body working its energy that’s another great benefit of Shadow Boxing. Third would be the mitts hitting on mitts called mid work or pad work whatever they call it and you would need a trainer or partner for that and the focus there is working the combinations are working on individual punches, policies the defense is involved foot work definitely you are going to bring as well.

Hitting the heavy bag. This is the economical way to get fit with boxing long as you have one in your basement or you have access to one of your gym. it’s a great way to get better boxing but also get into good shape but you would need some guidance from a trainer or just to get you start otherwise you are not going to know what your are doing you look like if you don’t have heavy bag and formal traning so moving along the double end bag which is a little more technical especially if you are starting off might not be the best place to start off if you are new to boxing stay away from doubling end bag but if you are intermediate or advanced the double end bag is a great tool to work on your timing your accuracy your Technique your footwork circling around your opponent for the heavy bag and yes so then finally in closing the last area is spar so not for beginners but if you do end up doing it make sure you spar smart make sure you’re in there with somebody that actually cares about you and your safety and they’re not going to try to hurt you and someone that understands that you’re just trying to learn and alright guys I hope this was beneficial to you and you had a good summary an introduction to the six main areas of boxing training there’s probably a few more areas that I didn’t include that you probably could or you deserve to be included like the speed bag but really I just don’t see the benefit for most people introduce speed bag or anything like that.

This is Ty Thomas aka boxingguyty. I hope that you got a lot out of this if you would like to sign up for a one-on-one lesson with me go ahead and email me at or you can go to my website to schedule at

I hope to hear from you guys soon also check out my my boxing for Fitness boxing glove guide. The most common question I get is what gloves do I buy, which brand, what size, and what style. Check out my YouTube channel boxingguyty and it’s also on there, so take care guys. I’ll catch you next time on the next podcast. have a great day!

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